News from all around – legislation, animal cruelty and more

Nearing the end of a very busy day, from covering high school basketball to earlier attending a local event known as the Love a Pet Fair.

So to maintain my streak of posting every day alive, let’s take a quick note of some news items from over the last couple of days.

In Colorado, the state legislature is debating a bill to increase the penalties against those who commit crimes against service dogs, including law enforcement K-9 units.

This one is just sick. I debated even posting it here – A Florida man is being charged with sexually assaulting his roommate’s Chihuahua. I mean, come on. Is there nothing too disgusting for some people?

Someone is poisoning dogs in a Louisiana neighborhood, accord to a story in the Daily News out of Washington Parish. One homeowner is now walking her dogs because they fear the evil perpetrator is throwing poisoned food into the yard.

And finally, I’ve read recently some information regarding dogs sold through eBay. I can’t believe people are still buying puppies over the Internet – from eBay or other sources. reports on one horror story where the buyer met the breeder and paid for the dog – which was wrapped in a dog coat. When they later removed the coat, they found the dog was emaciated and covered in sores.

The next time someone tells you they are going to buy a dog from a store or over the Internet, with little knowledge of who they are buying from, just suggest they do the following – Go to the local mall. Leave a thousand dollars in cash on the hood of their car, in an envelope with “free to good home” printed on it and then go spend about four hours shopping. The end result, monetarily, is the same – without helping to make life miserable for puppy mill dogs.


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