New report on West Virginia greyhound track’s reported injuries and deaths

More news is out on the level of injuries and deaths in greyhound racing, this time at the Nitro greyhound track in West Virginia – and the news is not good for the dogs.

The report comes from the Charleston Daily Mail. Sadly, 25 greyhounds died in 2010 as a result of racing injuries. Of course, in addition to this number are the thousands that are killed across the country when they are no longer of value to the industry.

Racing insiders try to compare the deaths and injuries to the total number “starts” – a racing term that can be translated to mean, “total number of times the dogs were cruelly forced to race.” But this attempt at fuzzy math does little to alleviate the suffering of the dogs that are injured or face death.

For example, the industry is trying to minimize and shrug off the deaths of 25 dogs in a single year – as nothing more than a minimal rate and part of the cost of doing business.

And then we have the following from the article, as an example of the conveniently fuzzy record-keeping by the greyhound racing industry –

“” More than 13 months’ worth of data is missing from the state’s records. Racing Commission officials simply said they do not have those records on file and do not know where they are. “”

Thankfully, GREY2K USA is on the case and is countering the spin from the industry with facts.


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  2. Posted by Kate K on February 22, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    At greyhound tracks, all the dogs lose.


  3. Thank you GREY2K USA!!!!


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