Original Nightline Amish Puppy Mill Report

For those who were waiting and wanting to see Nightline publish an update on Amish puppy mills, here is the original report from March of 2009.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nightline Amish Puppy Mill Report, posted with vodpod

Notice the breeder that allowed the news crew in to film was proud of his facility and called it “state of the art.”

Yet we see the dogs crammed into small, wire-floored cages to live as nothing more than breeding machines.

I remember watching this when it originally aired, thinking – these people have no knowledge whatsoever about the mentality and emotional lives of dogs. These folks, and breeders like them, have no business being allowed to care for animals of any kind.

Sadly, the one breeder is partly right. His facility, as puppy mills go, is better than most. But as we say in the South, “that ain’t sayin’ much.” Notice that he suggests his way of breeding is far better, as opposed to having the females running around free.

It really is VERY sad that he knows so little about dogs. And he’s so proud that the dogs’ only access to exercise is from a caged exercise wheel. The dogs never get to go outside and walk on the grass or dirt. He says that would be dangerous. (Unbelievable.)

What we see in the video, that he is so proud of and openly shows to the news crew, is evidence of what should NOT be allowed to go on the breeding business.


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