SPCA in Ohio calls for end to gassing at shelter after 37 dogs lose their lives in homemade chamber

The Ohio SPCA and a local Humane Society are asking why other means were not explored in a case where a local shelter used a homemade gas chamber to kill 37 dogs, confiscated from a property on February 10.

The excuse given in a WKRC story is the dogs were underweight and had mange. For one thing, both conditions can be treated. But even if their conditions were so bad that it warranted euthanasia, injection is the only humane method that should be used.

It is also noted that the local Humane Society had the means to step in to help, if the staff there had been contacted in this case.

Odd enough, the article calls the person in charge of the county shelter the “dog warden.” Are we still in the 1930s, calling them dog wardens? I hope this isn’t the official title in this county. I know what the definition of the word is, but for me, it’s too connected to prisons to be used for animal shelters.

Thankfully, we have this from the article’s final paragraph – “” The Brown County Commissioners tell us they thought the dog warden had quit using the gas chamber months ago. They were surprised to find it in use again and say they’ve instructed Andrew Dunn not to use it in the future. “”


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  1. Oh my God. That is horrid. Those dogs could have easily been treated. He needs to fired, stripped from his duties and prosecuted. I’m ashamed to say I was from Ohio.


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