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State representative thinks puppy mill laws in Pennsylvania should be scaled back

The Pack of Putrid Punditry Award for the day goes to Pennsylvania state representative Gordon Denlinger, who has introduced a resolution to reopen discussion on the state’s puppy mill regulations, which were enacted in 2008.

It seems, as reported by The Morning Call, Denlinger and others of like (and warped) mind want to study the economic impact of shutting down puppy mills. They say the state lost millions in sales tax dollars and the puppy millers lots millions in sales.

An article posted on seems to show Denlinger meandering around his true intentions –

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The link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse

Two related stories came across the Pack News Wire today. One reports on a Long Island, NY man who has been charged with felony animal cruelty for beating his girlfriend’s dog to death.

He allegedly picked the small dog up and threw it against a nightstand and then began punching it in the head. The Pomeranian suffered multiple rib fractures, a broken chest and a punctured lung – according to a story published by NBC New York.

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Minnesota legislature debating new puppy mill regulations

House File 388 is bouncing around the Minnesota state legislature and if passed it could help in the battle against puppy mills.

An editorial from the Park Rapids Enterprise reports – “A shocking 75 percent of commercial breeders reviewed were not in compliance with Minnesota sales tax laws.”

A bill to target these breeders where they have been cheating the tax payers of the state could help shut some of them down. I hope.

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AM News Pack – Officer saves puppy’s life, Temple Grandin featured, St. Croix spay/neuter project

A trio of stories to get the day started –

New Zealand – An animal control officer saved a puppy’s life through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

After the puppy was found roaming and taken to a local shelter, he began to choke as he ate an afternoon meal. The little guy is recovering and is waiting for a new home.

Colorado – Colorado State University animal scientist Temple Grandin will be the subject of a Discovery Science Channel show. The “Ingenious Minds” episode will air at 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

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