Minnesota legislature debating new puppy mill regulations

House File 388 is bouncing around the Minnesota state legislature and if passed it could help in the battle against puppy mills.

An editorial from the Park Rapids Enterprise reports – “A shocking 75 percent of commercial breeders reviewed were not in compliance with Minnesota sales tax laws.”

A bill to target these breeders where they have been cheating the tax payers of the state could help shut some of them down. I hope.

If this review carries a degree of accuracy in its percentages and about three out of four breeders in the state are skirting the tax laws, I wonder what it says about the operation of the facilities overall. One could easily suggest that those who are dodging the sales tax laws are probably not concerned with the treatment of the dogs they use for breeding.

This is not at all a stretch in thinking, to put these folks in the category of “puppy mill.” If we carry the thought process to the next step, that could mean 75 percent of the states breeders fall into this category. (I’m just typing out loud here.) The Park Rapids Enterprise’s editorial board seems to make this connection as well:

“” According to research by DOR, puppy mill operators not only violate animal cruelty laws, they break Minnesota tax laws by not paying sales tax on puppies sold. “”

And the next question becomes – Is Minnesota that different from any other state in this regard? I’m just asking.

I found another editorial on the proposed Minnesota puppy mill legislation on PrairieHomeLiving.com:

“” “”

What (Senator David) Hann made clear is that we as Minnesotans can’t be both, pro-business, pro-community or pro-protection for animals.

We don’t agree.

Good breeders don’t fear regulation, because good breeders already have invested in good practices.

“” “”

Hann sounds like he needs a rather large dose of education on this topic, along with an injection of compassion.


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