The link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse

Two related stories came across the Pack News Wire today. One reports on a Long Island, NY man who has been charged with felony animal cruelty for beating his girlfriend’s dog to death.

He allegedly picked the small dog up and threw it against a nightstand and then began punching it in the head. The Pomeranian suffered multiple rib fractures, a broken chest and a punctured lung – according to a story published by NBC New York.

The Boston Globe yesterday ran a story headlined – “Dangerous connection: Animal abuse and domestic violence.”

From the piece – “” Studies by the American Humane Society show that nearly half of battered women delay leaving an abusive environment because they fear for a pet’s safety. “”

And – “” Animal abuse also exposes the deliberateness of battering rather than a loss of control by the abuser. The threatening, injuring, or killing an animal can also indicate the potential for increased violence and lethality. “”

It is very important that local, state and federal agencies get serious about this connection. The primary concern should be for protecting family members – people and pets – from abusers. These means putting the abusers away, where they can both be punished for their actions and get any possible help in overcoming mental illnesses, where that is the case.


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  1. GREAT article, I tweeted it.


  2. Tom, This is an excellent post about an important subject. Studies and statistics show us that those who abuse animals ALWAYS abuse humans, as well. When any of us see, hear of, or suspect animal abuse, it is in our own best interest to report it to the authorities.


  3. Posted by Tom Grady on May 4, 2011 at 11:08 am


    Thank you for including your – spot on – thoughts. This is an important subject.

    Don’t forget – the Pack Mentality Blog has moved to


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