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Bill filed in Texas to permit video lottery terminals at horse and greyhound race tracks

Here we go again. Another state – or at least elected officials in a state – that will consider any means to prop up the dog-racing industry and now horse-racing industry.

A bill has been filed in the Texas legislature to allow video lottery terminals at horse and dog-racing tracks.

I wonder what would happen if the owner of a chain of 8-track tape stores went to a state government office somewhere and asked if he could install slot machines in this stores because people weren’t buying his 8-track tapes anymore? Would the state go out of its way to help the store owner? – NO.

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Euthanized puppy found alive in Oklahoma shelter dumpster

The day after a group of dogs were euthanized at a Sulphur, Okla. shelter, one was found alive in the shelter’s dumpster.

Wall-E is getting a second chance and is back up for adoption. With the publicity from this story, thankfully, he’ll probably find a home. But what about the other dogs that lost their lives that day? And what about the millions of homeless dogs across the country that will loose their lives in the coming months?

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I just need a few more followers on Twitter to ….

To catch up with Charlie Sheen on Twitter, all I need is only around 1.5 million or so new followers.

Aaah … so close. But then again, I certainly don’t want to pull a “Charlie Sheen” to get there.

Another case representing the domestic violence – animal cruelty link

A Virginia woman has been charged with child abuse and animal cruelty. It is yet another bit of evidence to connect the two types of crime. reports police went to the home on Christmas Day after a hospital reported a 3-year-old had severe suffered bruising and brain injury. Police went back there the following day, after a 4-year-old girl was taken to the hospital with bruising.

A pit bull was also found dead in the back yard that reports suggest was malnourished and had frozen to death.

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