Another case representing the domestic violence – animal cruelty link

A Virginia woman has been charged with child abuse and animal cruelty. It is yet another bit of evidence to connect the two types of crime. reports police went to the home on Christmas Day after a hospital reported a 3-year-old had severe suffered bruising and brain injury. Police went back there the following day, after a 4-year-old girl was taken to the hospital with bruising.

A pit bull was also found dead in the back yard that reports suggest was malnourished and had frozen to death.

I read this story and one of my first reactions was  – ‘Oh my God; it was Christmas Day.’ These kids suffered through a Christmas holiday of beatings and seeing their dog dead in the backyard.

At some point our criminal justice system across the board is going to have to catch up to reality. People who abuse and torture animals are a danger and need to be treated as such. They have something terrible going on inside their heads that too often leads them to abuse the people around them as well.

Their brains lack compassion and include a processor that urges them to act out in torturous ways. It’s a dangerous combination. Or maybe for some, it’s just a need to be cruel and mean.


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