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Great letter to the editor in Missouri

Bob Groh of Blue Springs, Mo. submitted a great letter to the editor, which was published Saturday on the website.

Groh responds to a previous editorial suggesting the ‚Äúvoters were duped” into voting for Proposition B in Missouri. He notes he looked the pros and cons of the measure, which sets better standards for dog breeding and goes after puppy mill operations.

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Sunday Commentary: Blogging Forward

We are approaching the first birthday for the Pack Mentality Blog. I long ago found that this is a time-consuming task, but one I am consumed with because being an advocate for animals is my passion.

Everyone needs to find a passion for something positive in life. There are negative passions (see Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan). But a positive passion can be extremely rewarding and this effort has become just that.

I’m also working on a book based on my columns and other writings over the last decade and my studies in the areas of self-awareness, state of consciousness and cognition in animals. And hopefully it will help spread the message of compassion for animals and help foster a better understanding of our fellow creatures.

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