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Investigation underway in SC concerning dogs shot and dumped in landfill

The Chesterfield County sheriff’s office is investigating allegations that shelter employees shot nearly two dozen dogs and dumped them in a nearby landfill. reports a shelter volunteer, acting on a tip, went to the landfill and discovered two of the dogs with apparent gunshot wounds to the head.

The shelter has been temporarily shut down and the employees placed on administrative leave during the investigation, and the animals are being cared for by patrol officers.

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Some in the Texas legislature want to divert funds from “Animal Friendly” license plates

In what could be a very short-sighted and wrong-headed move, some elected officials in Texas are reportedly looking at a plan to hold back funds raised from the sale of “Animal Friendly” license plates. They want to use the money to balance the state’s budget.

These funds go to spay/neuter programs to ease the problem of over-population of homeless pets. It’s a life-saving program and one with long-term and short-term economic benefits. With fewer homeless pets being dropped off at shelters, it would be less of a budget hit for local municipalities.

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Farm Sanctuary speaks out on latest news out of Ohio on veal calf confinement

Photo - Farm Sanctuary

I received a press release late last night from the Farm Sanctuary, in response to the recent 6-5 vote by the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to permit the inhumane confinement of veal calves in crates.

These crates, as you can see in the photo, are tiny and do not even allow the calves room to turn around.

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