Article reports on homeless pet transporting from south to north

I live in the South and here the overpopulation of homeless pets is severe and troubling. I’ve read of late that in other regions of the country, mainly around the Northeast, the level of homelessness is not nearly as severe.

So now we’re seeing this growing trend of transporting from Southern shelters to other regions where openings exist in shelters or with other rescue groups. It is a great thing that is happening, but there have been pitfalls. out of Raleigh, NC ran an article this morning reporting on the good side and the dangers. The dangers – people with bad intentions for the animals are posing as legitimate rescuers.

One case is cited in the piece involving the discovery of 90 dogs, some dead. A couple had taken some from a North Carolina shelter, with the intent of transporting them to New York. The dogs never made the trip.

One shelter noted in the WRAL story now only deals with nonprofits registered with the Internal Revenue Service and requires a letter of recommendation from a veterinarian and background checks.

It’s terrible when something great is subverted by people with evil intentions. But too often, this is the case. I hope this strategy for saving more lives is not damaged by the bad seeds roaming around.

But it looks like some groups are working on this problem. From WRAL –

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals plans to have standards and guidelines on transports by the end of the year, covering issues from veterinary care to making sure animals aren’t being driven hundreds of miles when adoptive homes can be found nearby.

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The article also includes this statement – “” Animal advocates say the transports are here to stay, thanks to a supply and demand imbalance between the South and the North, where spay and neuter programs are far more widespread. “”

If this is true, it offers good evidence that quality spay/neuter programs are one of the keys to reducing the level of homeless in cats and dogs. The regions of the country that are behind in this effort, desperately need to catch up.


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