PM News Pack: dog fighting bust, the AKC and letters on Prop B

Links galore tonight as we look at articles and editorials from an arrest of 24 suspects in a dog-fighting ring to thoughts on the American Kennel Club to two letters supporting Missouri’s Proposition B anti-puppy mill measure.

First, let’s go to the two letters to the editor that appeared on the Kansas City Star website. These letters relate to an effort in the Missouri legislature to overturn Prop B, which passed by a vote of the people.

The first letter-writer wonders if some those wishing to overturn the measure might “operate their own puppy mills.” And she adds – “Why were we even given the opportunity to vote if our opinion means nothing?

Letter No. 2 makes the point – “It’s easy to see why some veterinarians, such as a recent letter-writer, are against Proposition B. They’ve made a lot of money over the years on the puppies from these puppy mills.”

David Lee writes on the Allentown Animal Advocacy Examiner and asked why the American Kennel Club came out against the anti-puppy mill legislation in Pennsylvania that was passed into law in 2008.
He answers with this – ” Maybe it’s because PA AKC registrations are falling as a result. If the local Beagle breeder can’t produce one hundred puppies a year, then those puppies cannot be registered, and the AKC loses potential registration moneys. “
Exactly. Well done David Lee.

And finally, we have an article from the Detroit Free Press about the arraignments of 24 individuals accused of attending a dog fight.

From the story – ” Police raided the home early Sunday morning and said they found a dogfighting pit in the garage, drugs, money a handgun and two mortally-wounded pit bulls. ”

One sheriff’s deputy said there was blood everywhere, but it seems at least of couple of the accused claim they didn’t know a dog fight was going to occur. (Right, okay – what comedian was it who said criminals should just try saying something like – “I forgot armed robbery was a crime.”)


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  1. Great post, Tom. Question. I heard this morning from the HSUS that the senate in MO was voting on the repeal of Prop B. Have you heard any updates? I can’t find anything. I’ve written emails and letters voicing my opposition of the repeal, have received some supportive responses and some “non-commital” responses.

    This repeal hits personally as a resident of Missouri, and a constituent of those voting to repeal something we, as voters, voted into law. It would set a very frightening precedent if the repeal went through.


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