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Reminder – Pack Mentality has move to a new site

For those just happening across this site or that have not received word yet – the Pack Mentality Blog has moved to a new location.

Please bookmark and/or subscribe again to the new web address.

Thanks to everyone who has been or will be visiting the blog – which has a primary mission of spreading news and information concerning animal welfare.


AM News Pack: Federal PUPS Act and update on NC budget cut for animal-welfare division

ALERT: For the full version of this post, go to the new Pack Mentality Blog site.

Veterinary Practice News offered an update Thursday on the PUPS Act (Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act). We haven’t heard much of late about this proposed legislation.

If passed into law, this legislation would amend the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) by requiring “high volume retail breeders” to be federally licensed and regularly inspected. It seems basically the regulations would apply to any breeder sells more than 50 puppies each year by Internet, telephone or newspaper.

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