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Thursday Commentary: The new viral message – Rescue has a Pet for That

I was going to save this blog entry for a Sunday Commentary, but it’s too important to wait.

We often see where a YouTube video has gone viral and within days has a million to millions of views on the popular website.

It’s time to take a simple message and make it viral – Rescue and dogs and cats are the best. Adoption is absolutely the best option.

How do we do this? Just like we’ve seen with a would-be viral video. A few people see it and tell others about it. Those friends and family members send the link to others they know and soon exponential growth takes over.

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Great headline – ‘Puppy is a choice for life’

This headline appeared on the Inner West Courier website (out of Australia) on Monday. I really like the “choice for life” statement, whether it’s a puppy or in the case of any pet one might bring into the family.

Danielle Nelson of the Animal Welfare League is quoted in the story as noting summer is also a good time for families to adopt, because kids are home from school and the shelters are often, sadly, full at this time of year.

“I think it was nice to give an animal a second chance and know that we saved a life,” she said in the article.

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Video of the Day – “I’ll be home for Christmas”

In another new Pack Mentality Blog series – let’s kick off the Video of the Day.

Wouldn’t it be great if all pets had a home for Christmas –

Dog trainer writes about avoiding Internet puppy purchases

I found an editorial titled “Ask the Dog Trainer – Internet puppies” – on out of Florida. In the piece, the trainer notes some of the pitfalls of buying puppies online – including acquiring dogs with behavioral or physical problems.

She reports on one buyer who was not allowed to see the parent dogs at the breeder’s house. The dog was purchased at far less than 8 weeks and old and now has what she describes as a “variety of behavioral issues.”

I wish the editorial had included a push for adopting from shelters, but the overall message is a good one.

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Video: ‘It’s Cool to Adopt’

“It’s Cool to Adopt” – a video produced by Monty’s Home (in Southeastern North Carolina) and New Hanover County TV – in association with New Hanover County Animal Control Services is up on YouTube.

The mission is to promote pet adoption. Visit for more information.

Spread the word about this video. It contains a really great message.

Video: Tom Chapin’s “Puppy at the Pound”

Tom Chapin performs the song – “Puppy at the Pound,” which promotes adoption of homeless pets. I just happened to hear this children’s song while flipping through the cable music channels. After a quick search on YouTube, I found the following video.

October is American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog Month

October is also American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog Month and the organization is asking – “What can an adopted dog bring to your life?”

Dori Villalon, vice president of Animal Protection for American Humane Association is quoted in a press release as saying – “Adopt-A-Dog Month is a strong reminder of the urgent need to find homes for millions of homeless pets across America. This year we are asking: What can an adopted dog bring to your life?

“There are so many responses to that question — a best friend, an exercise buddy, a companion for an aging parent. An adopted dog can be all of these things — and so much more.”

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October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month is promoting October as Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. The organization is “encouraging pet lovers to adopt homeless dogs and puppies, rather than purchasing them from pet stores or puppy mills.” And in a recent press release, it is noted that nearly 4 million homeless pets are tragically euthanized each year.

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Petfinder marks Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

Petfinder is promoting a very special effort this week (Sept. 19-25) – Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week.

My wife and I know how special it can be to give a pet a home, a pet that might have a perceived “flaw” that makes it less adoptable. We’ve often opted for a senior dog or one with an emotional issue.

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Headline – “” An ‘imperfect’ dog can make a perfect pet “”

What a great headline!! And the column under it on the Reno Gazette-Journal’s website on August 28 was equally exceptional.

It explains why pets that some might put into the catagory of less-than-perfect can make the best pets.

My wife and I over the years have adopted dogs with everything from hip deformaties to hearling loss to emotional issues. But we would’t trade any of them for anything.

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