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Reminder – Pack Mentality has Moved

Just want to make sure this word is getting out to everyone – the Pack Mentality Blog has moved to a brand new site – at this link –  PACK MENTALITY BLOG.

If you have not done so, please change your RSS subscriptions or bookmarks.

Thank You.


Reminder – Pack Mentality has move to a new site

For those just happening across this site or that have not received word yet – the Pack Mentality Blog has moved to a new location.

Please bookmark and/or subscribe again to the new web address.

Thanks to everyone who has been or will be visiting the blog – which has a primary mission of spreading news and information concerning animal welfare.


The New Pack Mentality Blog site is up and running.

I have officially kicked off the process of moving blog operations to the new Pack Mentality Blog site.


I will still post here during the transition, to give everyone a chance to find and switch over to the new site.

IMPORTANT – If you have subscribed or bookmarked this site, you might want to go to the new address and change those settings.

Sunday Commentary: Blogging Forward

We are approaching the first birthday for the Pack Mentality Blog. I long ago found that this is a time-consuming task, but one I am consumed with because being an advocate for animals is my passion.

Everyone needs to find a passion for something positive in life. There are negative passions (see Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan). But a positive passion can be extremely rewarding and this effort has become just that.

I’m also working on a book based on my columns and other writings over the last decade and my studies in the areas of self-awareness, state of consciousness and cognition in animals. And hopefully it will help spread the message of compassion for animals and help foster a better understanding of our fellow creatures.

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Welcome to the new Pack Mentality blog!

Many of you, especially those connecting through Facebook, are familiar with my Cape Fear Critters blog on the StarNews website.

I have decided to take my advocacy focus on national and global animal-related news and issues to a separate venue – the Pack Mentality blog.

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