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PM News Pack: dog fighting bust, the AKC and letters on Prop B

Links galore tonight as we look at articles and editorials from an arrest of 24 suspects in a dog-fighting ring to thoughts on the American Kennel Club to two letters supporting Missouri’s Proposition B anti-puppy mill measure.

First, let’s go to the two letters to the editor that appeared on the Kansas City Star website. These letters relate to an effort in the Missouri legislature to overturn Prop B, which passed by a vote of the people.

The first letter-writer wonders if some those wishing to overturn the measure might “operate their own puppy mills.” And she adds – “Why were we even given the opportunity to vote if our opinion means nothing?

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Time: In Afghanistan dog fighting is legal and popular

I’ve got nothing against the people of any region, as a whole. I think there are good people and bad elements pretty much everywhere. Usually, where people in general have a problem with other nations, it’s primarily with the leadership in the particular country of focus.

But when I read a such story as this one, reporting on the popularity of dog fighting in Afghanistan, where the practice is legal and described as “popular weekend entertainment” in a article, I have to wonder about the lack of compassion across the board.

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Bills on dog breeding and animal fighting in West Virginia legislature

The West Virginia legislature is debating bills that would make animal fighting a felony and better regulate puppy mills.

WVHS TV news reports a bill to impose regular inspections for breeding operations with 11 or more unsterilized dogs passed in the House Judiciary Committee on February 22. The bill would also limit breeders to 50 dogs older than a year old.

In the West Virginia Senate, a bill passed recently which makes betting on animal fighting a felony (with up to one year in prison and fines from $1,000 to $5,000.

Columnist thinks it’s time get off Michael Vick’s case

A columnist thinks people are being too hard on Michael Vick and that it’s time to get off his back.

Coley Harvey uses a very poor choice of words to defend Vick – “” Can this grotesque, bloodthirsty infatuation with — by all noticeable accounts — a fully rehabilitated, reformed man finally get squashed once and for all? “”

Grotesque? Bloodthirsty? – These are words that fittingly describe those who engage in the brutal and incredibly cruel act of dog fighting. It is an odd twist of reality to turn those phrases on people who are sickened by Vick’s participation in a grotesque and bloodthirsty industry.

Effort underway to purchase Vick’s property for a dog rehab center

Michael Vick’s former Bad Newz Kennels property could become a rehab center for chained and penned dogs, if Dogs Deserve Better of Tipton, Penn. can raise the funding for the project.

The rescue group wants to purchase the house and property in Surry County, Va. – where Vick and others fought and tortured dogs.

I like one comment from someone under the LA Times story – suggesting Vick donate to the project. It should be a large donation.

Satirical column on Michael Vick

I found a link to a column titled – “With Vick’s early exit from playoffs, dog-fighting boosters fear decline in sport’s popularity.” When I read the headline and then proceeded to begin reading the column, I was getting a little hot about this one.

But I soon realized this was completely tongue-in-cheek. When I checked the name of the website – “Wine and Excrement” – I knew what was going on.

It’s in somewhat bad taste, but okay – point made.

Video of the Day – Stop Fighting the Dogs

The Urban Animal Alliance sponsored this video – to raise awareness about the horrors of dog fighting.

From the YouTube site –

“” The Urban Animal Alliance is a partnership of concerned citizens dedicated to raising awareness of animal rights in urban America. Our members largely hail from poorer communities and understand that the plight of animals is a serious one, one with enormous social reprecussions, one that is often overlooked and that needs to be addressed immediately. “”

The success of Vick’s former dogs is a far bigger story than Vick’s football comeback

While the sports media in general has focused so much effort into proclaming Michael Vick as the top comeback story of the year, some of the dogs he put through hell are engaged in a far more touching story of revival.

In fact a headline over a recent column on the San Francisco Chronicle website reads – “Best animal book of 2010 tells story of Vick’s ‘Lost Dogs’.”

The book is titled – “The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption” – written by Sports Illustrated editor Jim Gorant.

Sunday Commentary – Michael Vick and all others convicted of dog fighting should not have pets

There is so much being written about Michael Vick of late, so I’ve sort of stayed clear of writing about him for the most part. But his comments about wanting a dog some day are enough to bring me into the fray.

The answer is NO. Michael Vick and anyone else convicted of dog fighting or any other similarly cruel acts against animals should be banned from having pets – forever. It’s a matter of being held accountable for their actions. In fact, I’d include the people who are convicted to domestic violence in the mix of folks who should be banned from pet guardianship.

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Video of the Day: The much bigger story – Dogs from Michael Vick’s fighting ring find homes

While the media focuses on Michael Vick’s NFL comeback as some sort of feel-good story, the REAL feel-good story is how well many of the dogs who formerly lived in his dog-fighting torture chamber are doing now.

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