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Florida greyhound tracks losing in the millions each year

Typically, businesses that are losing millions of dollars each year eventually get the picture. The reality has been slow to catch on in greyhound racing, partly because in too many cases it gets state government protection.

A Broward Palm Beach New Times blogger offers some of the losing numbers at two Florida tracks, in an entry posted Friday. The Mardi Gras track in Hallandale Beach will lose $2.5 million this year and the Flagler track in Miami has been in the red at a pace of $2 million each year.

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Bill filed in Texas to permit video lottery terminals at horse and greyhound race tracks

Here we go again. Another state – or at least elected officials in a state – that will consider any means to prop up the dog-racing industry and now horse-racing industry.

A bill has been filed in the Texas legislature to allow video lottery terminals at horse and dog-racing tracks.

I wonder what would happen if the owner of a chain of 8-track tape stores went to a state government office somewhere and asked if he could install slot machines in this stores because people weren’t buying his 8-track tapes anymore? Would the state go out of its way to help the store owner? – NO.

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Florida congressman being investigated for receiving money from dog track

Through a company with ties to the congressman, David M. Rivera (R-FL) is being investigated for an allegedĀ  $500,000 in “secret payments” from the owners of Flagler Dog Track in Florida.

The Miami Herald is reporting that Rivera “helped run a political campaign backed by the dog track to win voter approval for Las Vegas-style slot machines at parimutuel venues in Miami-Dade County.”

Sounds like another attempt by a dog racing facility to prop up the racing side by adding more gambling options. The money in question reportedly went to a marketing company co-managed by Rivera’s 70-year-old mother.

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More on greyhound racing, from an editorial on ending racing to thoughts from a rescuer

Since greyhound racing has become such a hot topic on the blog over the last couple of days, on at least one post, I’ve got a little more this morning – from an editorial in the Charleston Daily Mail to thoughts from a blogging rescuer.

First, the editorial from West Virginia’s Charleston Daily Mail. Now we’re getting somewhere – step by step. The writer rightfully suggests it’s time to end this needless requirement in some states like West Virginia that forces casinos to hold dog races.

UPDATE – More links below!!

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New report on West Virginia greyhound track’s reported injuries and deaths

More news is out on the level of injuries and deaths in greyhound racing, this time at the Nitro greyhound track in West Virginia – and the news is not good for the dogs.

The report comes from the Charleston Daily Mail. Sadly, 25 greyhounds died in 2010 as a result of racing injuries. Of course, in addition to this number are the thousands that are killed across the country when they are no longer of value to the industry.

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Sunday Commentary: Translating a news story about Florida greyhound racing

The Walton Sun out of Walton County, Fla. published a story on Saturday – by a News Herald writer – headlined, “Poor economy, greyhound deaths pose unique challenges at Ebro.”

Ebro is Ebro Greyhound Park, which has been in the news of late because dozens dead greyhounds were found starved to death at the kennels there. A trainer was arrested and charged in the case, but from what I’ve read the owners of the track claim they were not aware of what was happening there – probably for weeks and maybe months.

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Arizona could reduce requirement for the number of dog-racing days each year

The Arizona legislature is considering a bill to reduce the minimum required number of days for dog racing in the state – from four days a week, 50 weeks a year to 100 days each year.

The Arizona Daily Star notes that to have off-track betting, the tracks have to hold so many race days per year. This is really warped and twisted. If the state is going to allow gambling, why require that animal cruelty be a part of it?

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Sadly, a Kansas businessman wants to reopen three greyhound tracks

Phil Ruffin wants to buy the Woodlands racetrack in Kansas, which is not in operation and then reopen it to greyhound racing, along with two other tracks – according to an article by the Kansas City Star.

What a terrible move. While efforts are underway in a number to states to shut down racing and end the suffering for thousands over thousands of greyhounds, here we have an effort to bring racing back.

What he needs, however, are slot machines to make the tracks profitable – maybe. He’ll need the backing of the state legislature to do this. Why does he need slots? Because greyhound racing is a big-time loser, in more ways than one.

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Thought for the Day – Compassion vs. Greed

Greed and the moral compass of compassion cannot live together in the human mind. One will eventually absorb the other.

What we’re seeing of late in the animal-welfare movement – in large part – is battle of greed versus compassion. I never want to narrowly cram everyone into categories, but in a broad sense, this is the problem we face.

One side refuses to consider the fact that animals experience emotions and thus both physical and emotional pain and suffering. To understand this would mean industries that use animals would have to budget compassion into their operations. Maybe it’s changing to free-range facilities to produce eggs or removing pigs from tiny enclosures.

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Bullet’s story highlights horrors of greyhound racing

The Palm Beach Post ran a very nice article yesterday about Bullet, a “retired” racing greyhound. He will be honored Saturday as the “grand marshal” of a parade.

But the story also reports Bullet suffered a broken leg, ending his racing days. And he has recently faced two surgeries and multiple chemo treatments after being diagnosed with cancer.

So Bullet really is representative of two of the horrors of racing – the injuries and poor breeding practices. For example, studies have shown racing greyhound suffer osteosarcoma at a rate higher than for ANY OTHER breed of dog – large or small. I know of one family that lost three adopted greys to cancer.

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