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Video – Betty White for shelter pets and the Pedigree Foundation

Betty White – a long-time advocate for homeless pets – has a new video out for the Pedigree Foundation.

Also, a writer named Pamela Black has a column on, noting White is teaming with Pedigree Foundation for the PSA video. And in reading the piece, it seems she has similar thoughts about the AKC as I do.

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Great headline – ‘Puppy is a choice for life’

This headline appeared on the Inner West Courier website (out of Australia) on Monday. I really like the “choice for life” statement, whether it’s a puppy or in the case of any pet one might bring into the family.

Danielle Nelson of the Animal Welfare League is quoted in the story as noting summer is also a good time for families to adopt, because kids are home from school and the shelters are often, sadly, full at this time of year.

“I think it was nice to give an animal a second chance and know that we saved a life,” she said in the article.

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

I want to take an opportunity here to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. It’s a great time to be with your human and furry family members.

When we have to go out for meal or a family gathering outside of the home, my wife and I always feel a little guilty about leaving the dogs behind. But we try to make sure we have special treats and Christmas gifts for them. And during the holiday season, we have extra movie nights with the rescues.

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Petfinder is asking you to “Foster A Lonely Pet For The Holidays” has launched its second annual “Foster A Lonely Pet For The Holidays” program. Animal lovers are being asked to consider fostering homeless pets – from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day. The pets can spend the holidays in a warm and loving home, a welcome respite from the shelter kennels.

And more shelter volunteers and employees might have a little more time at home as well.

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Pulling for the underdogs – it’s what we do

I always find myself pulling for the underdogs – pun not …. well … check that – intended. I’m a KC Chiefs fan, a KC Royals fan and a fan of the Chicago Cubs – and I am both a fan of and an advocate for homeless pets, endangered species and animals in general.
As all of you know, it’s tough pulling for the underdogs. The odds are stacked against them far too often – especially when it comes to the animals.

If you’re reading this blog entry, the odds are great that you often find yourself pulling for the underdogs too. But the legal system is too often stacked against them and too many people still don’t care about them. We are, however, turning the tide and I for one hope the animals will soon start winning more than they lose.

Report: AKC turns away homeless dogs from NYC event

Earlier today I received a press release from that included the statement – “” The American Kennel Club has rejected a request from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals to allow dogs and puppies from local NYC animal rescue groups and shelters to stage an adoption event in the same building as the AKC’s “Meet the Breeds.” “”

The AKC is holding an event called – AKC & Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) “Meet the Breeds.”

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Petfinder marks Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

Petfinder is promoting a very special effort this week (Sept. 19-25) – Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week.

My wife and I know how special it can be to give a pet a home, a pet that might have a perceived “flaw” that makes it less adoptable. We’ve often opted for a senior dog or one with an emotional issue.

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A real mess at the Anderson County (SC) shelter

I read this story posted on the and it reads like an animal shelter soap opera. It’ll make your head swim.

The article notes a number of problems at the Anderson County, S.C. animal shelter. If we group them all together, it looks like this –

– The shelter takes in 14,000 animals each year.

– Recent advisory committee grade – D.

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Columnist looks at defining the definition of ‘no-kill’

I found a column Sunday on the Las Cruces Sun-News website, written by Judy Long, who is identified as “a retired professor of sociology and longtime animal lover.”

Long offers her take on the issue of ‘no-kill,’ as it relates to a system of municipal shelters that euthanize homeless pets.

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Pets are another victim of the BP Oil Disaster

This topic – another byproduct of the BP Oil Gusher – isn’t being given enough attention. Many people who are being adversely effected economically by the disaster in the Gulf, are turning over their pets to local shelters.

I’m glad the New York Times and other news services are bringing a little more national attention to this issue.

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