The New Pack Mentality Blog site is up and running.

I have officially kicked off the process of moving blog operations to the new Pack Mentality Blog site.


I will still post here during the transition, to give everyone a chance to find and switch over to the new site.

IMPORTANT – If you have subscribed or bookmarked this site, you might want to go to the new address and change those settings.


Study: Hens react with emotion when chicks are in discomfort

I found a very interesting article in, reporting on a study conducted on hens at England’s University of Bristol. It seems the mother hens reacted in a rather extreme way if they felt their chicks were in distress.

It is believed the hens are showing empathy. The hens were separated from the chicks during the experiments but were in close proximity. When puffs of air were directed at the chicks, the hens “responded more intensely with a stress response equivalent to fight-or-flight behavior,” according to the article.

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PM News Pack: dog fighting bust, the AKC and letters on Prop B

Links galore tonight as we look at articles and editorials from an arrest of 24 suspects in a dog-fighting ring to thoughts on the American Kennel Club to two letters supporting Missouri’s Proposition B anti-puppy mill measure.

First, let’s go to the two letters to the editor that appeared on the Kansas City Star website. These letters relate to an effort in the Missouri legislature to overturn Prop B, which passed by a vote of the people.

The first letter-writer wonders if some those wishing to overturn the measure might “operate their own puppy mills.” And she adds – “Why were we even given the opportunity to vote if our opinion means nothing?

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Blogger out of Ohio post interview with leader of Ban Ohio Dog Auctions

On the Bocci’s Beef blog out of Columbus, Ohio, there is an interview posted with Mary O’Connor-Shaver of Ban Ohio Dog Auctions. O’Connor-Shaver and the fellow members of her organization have been working for some time now to pass legislation to ban dog auctions.

Dog auctions, as I’ve mentioned before, are the dirty cousins to puppy mills.

Hopefully, the Ban Ohio Dog Auctions will eventually get enough signatures on a petition to have a ballot measure in place for the November 2012 election.


Article reports on homeless pet transporting from south to north

I live in the South and here the overpopulation of homeless pets is severe and troubling. I’ve read of late that in other regions of the country, mainly around the Northeast, the level of homelessness is not nearly as severe.

So now we’re seeing this growing trend of transporting from Southern shelters to other regions where openings exist in shelters or with other rescue groups. It is a great thing that is happening, but there have been pitfalls. out of Raleigh, NC ran an article this morning reporting on the good side and the dangers. The dangers – people with bad intentions for the animals are posing as legitimate rescuers.

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Investigation underway in SC concerning dogs shot and dumped in landfill

The Chesterfield County sheriff’s office is investigating allegations that shelter employees shot nearly two dozen dogs and dumped them in a nearby landfill. reports a shelter volunteer, acting on a tip, went to the landfill and discovered two of the dogs with apparent gunshot wounds to the head.

The shelter has been temporarily shut down and the employees placed on administrative leave during the investigation, and the animals are being cared for by patrol officers.

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Some in the Texas legislature want to divert funds from “Animal Friendly” license plates

In what could be a very short-sighted and wrong-headed move, some elected officials in Texas are reportedly looking at a plan to hold back funds raised from the sale of “Animal Friendly” license plates. They want to use the money to balance the state’s budget.

These funds go to spay/neuter programs to ease the problem of over-population of homeless pets. It’s a life-saving program and one with long-term and short-term economic benefits. With fewer homeless pets being dropped off at shelters, it would be less of a budget hit for local municipalities.

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