Dog honks for help – and cat rescued in intersection

A Pennsylvania dog showed more smarts than his guardian, when he bagan honking the horn after being left in the car on a 90-degree day.

The Associated Press reports the woman forgot she left the dog in the car after returning home from a shopping trip. The other big question is why she took the dog shopping on a hot day. He probably was in the car while she was shopping too.

Are we supposed to be the smarter species? Thankfully, Max acted to save his own life.

In Bloomington, Ind., a little injured kitten needed some help, after being found in the middle of an intersection.

State trooper Doug Hutchinson arrived on the scene and used his patrol car to hold up traffic while he rescued the cat.

According to a report on, passers by gave Hutchinson some thumbs up, while others appaulded his compassionate act of kindness.

“Lucky” has been adopted by the Hutchinson family is recovering nicely.


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