New Feature: “Packed Up”

I’m going to try something new – a regular commentary feature on the blog I’ll call, “Packed Up” (for lack of a better phrase that comes to mind right now).

Packed Up will be semi-regular anyway, as a subject hits me on a bi-weekly or weekly or every-other-day basis.

Today, let’s go with the slippery slope argument used by those who don’t want better legal protections for animals – or rules for more humane care. Many of these folks, for example, don’t want better regulations on puppy mills.

If we put in place harsher penalties for puppy millers or more humane regulations on how dogs are housed or minimum requirements for veterinary care, then we’ll slip down the slippery slope. I’m glad others have wondered in letters to an editor or in editorials – just what that means. Does it mean we’ll start down a slippery slope to more humane treatment of all animals?

Is this what ‘they’ fear? They fear more humane treatment for animals? Again, I wouldn’t want to be arguing from that side of the debate.

The slippery slope arguments seems to go further, suggesting life the way we know it and all of our jobs will come to an end if puppy mills are better regulated or greyhound racing is banned or any humane laws at all are passed by state legislatures or the federal government.

Aliens will land by the millions from planet Slippery Slopulas, insisting on equal rights and to take over all of our reality TV networks and fast-food drive-thru lanes.

The Slippery Slopers insist the Humane Society of the United States won’t stop with puppy mill laws. They insist the HSUS  is out to ban everything from hunting to bingo games to ice cream cones. If we protect dogs and cats, what’s next? – stuffed-animal toys?

We can’t allow the terrible treatment of one species to continue because a few people are worried another species might gain more protections from inhumane treatment. It doesn’t make sense.

I know the bottom line. I know it’s about money. But that doesn’t make it right either.

What are your thoughts on these slippery slope statements from those who oppose more humane laws? Please offer your comments below.

Or do you have a suggestion for a future “Packed Up?”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Carol Halbert on July 19, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    It is my opinion that ‘packed up’ sounds just right!!!!


    • Posted by Tom Grady on July 19, 2010 at 6:28 pm

      Okay, that’s four exclamation points for the first Packed Up. I’ll take that as a thumbs-up and a good start.



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