Great letter to the editor in Missouri

Bob Groh of Blue Springs, Mo. submitted a great letter to the editor, which was published Saturday on the website.

Groh responds to a previous editorial suggesting the “voters were duped” into voting for Proposition B in Missouri. He notes he looked the pros and cons of the measure, which sets better standards for dog breeding and goes after puppy mill operations.

And he wrote – “I also felt (and still feel) that the new requirements are NOT overly intrusive for any well meaning and well-intentioned dog breeder.

I like the way he frames this point. The new regulations are not “overly intrusive for any well meaning and well-intentioned dog breeder.” Well stated.

I read another comment a couple of days ago from someone on the other side who tried to claim Prop B was classifying all breeders as puppy mill operators. How can some people try to get away with making statements like this with no basis at all in fact?

The legislation sets minimum standards for dog breeding. The breeders who meet or exceed the standards have no worries over the legislation. How is that classifying all dog breeders as puppy millers – other than in the minds of those who are defending the puppy mills?

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