Time: In Afghanistan dog fighting is legal and popular

I’ve got nothing against the people of any region, as a whole. I think there are good people and bad elements pretty much everywhere. Usually, where people in general have a problem with other nations, it’s primarily with the leadership in the particular country of focus.

But when I read a such story as this one, reporting on the popularity of dog fighting in Afghanistan, where the practice is legal and described as “popular weekend entertainment” in a Time.com article, I have to wonder about the lack of compassion across the board.

It is troubling that in 2011, with so much information available everywhere, a cruel and evil industry such dog fighting exists anywhere on this level – much less with such a high level of support and with this following.

I couldn’t even finish the story. I know we have dog fighting here, but at least we put people in prison that we find guilty of engaging in it.

Afghanistan could show the world it is ready to join the 21st Century and is ready to move forward as a nation by enacting laws to ban cruel activities such as dog fighting.

One response to this post.

  1. Hi Tom,

    This is a tough one for me. Of course I’m against these practices but in Afganistan? I really don’t know if they are ready for this kind of cultural change. I hope they will be soon.


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