Sunday Commentary – A common theme from those who neglect animals

As I read news stories concerning topics such as greyhound racing, puppy mills and other animal-related ‘industries’ there seems to be a common theme of defense, even in the face of the stark reality of cruelty and neglect the animals face.

Those within these industries are often quoted with statements about how much they care about the animals in their care.

I see greyhound racers claim their dogs are cared for more humanely than children in middle-class families and puppy mill operators love their dogs so much, as they do their own children. We see puppy-mill news video showing the animals living in horrible conditions and in the same report the mill owner is crying about how much they love and care for their dogs. I’d hate to see what might happen to those they don’t love.

But how dare we animal-welfare/animal-rights folks try to tell them how to care for their animals. How dare we cut into their profit margins. So what if the greyhounds are caged 22 hours or more a day, eat 4D meat and are killed by the thousands each year when they don’t win. And so what if the puppy mill breeding dogs never leave their cages and never get to walk on the ground or in grass. So what if their dogs are covered in feces and fleas.

And then we have the laughable excuse that no pet breeder or greyhound racer could ever mistreat their animals because these conditions would lead to inferior products and reduced profits.

Yeah, all of the products we get from China are so well-made. Right? As Homey the Clown used to say – “I don’t think so.” But I guess the corporations are not making obscene profits off these inferior products. – Again, we know the real answer to that one. But in the fantasy land the greyhound racers and inferior breeders live, we’re supposed to believe this “we care” crap. And we know the reality is they are cutting on the cost end – through neglect for the animals – to make profit on the other end.

But then again, if someone has nothing else to go on and no defense for their cruel and inhumane actions – and profits are at risk, they are forced to hang their defense on the unrealistic and completely implausible. That’s all they have. Could we expect them to claim otherwise?

One response to this post.

  1. Very good article. My question is WHY? and HOW can they speak these lies. I was given a line from a pet store person many years ago and I expected a change but I guess when profits are involved anything goes?


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