Miami Herald calls greyhound racing a ‘vanishing sport’

Greyhound racing vanishing? Yes – and we can only hope the trend continues. But a “sport?” – No, it is NOT a sport.

Beyond that inaccurate labeling of the industry over this Maimi Herald article, it is grossly one-side and fails to report on the horrors of the practice. It fails to report that the most important element of the decline is fact that more and more people are aware of how the dogs live and die in racing.

The story notes the fans in attendance at the track at Hialeah run less than 100 per night, as opposed to the thousands of (uninformed) people who used to watch greyhound racing. (Okay, the “uninformed” was my word.)

But here we get to one very important point. The state of Florida requires greyhound racing to exist. What other industries hold that kind of protection from the government?

“” Yet Magic City must keep racing a minimum number of days per year in order to operate the casino. It’s the same situation at the Mardi Gras casino and dog track in Hollywood. “”

So the state allows the casinos to operate ONLY if they hold greyhound racing. Why not just expand the casinos, hire the people working at the tracks there and shut down the racing operations for good? It’s over. People don’t want to see dogs injured and killed for gambling profits anymore. Why are Florida and other states offering this protection for greyhound racing. If they are going to allow gambling, the let it be on the cards and dice and machines and whatever else. But let the dogs live in peace. Let the dogs live in homes with loving families. Free the dogs from this horror.

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